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About Us

In today’s information-driven world, everything needed to create true change is at our fingertips.

This fact makes a person’s ability to navigate their community synonymous with empowerment.

Through exposure to traditional and alternative media and by developing an ability to access and navigate government and community services, a person’s Civic IQ increases.

By teaching families how to navigate the news and civics sectors of their community, they will become more aware of community issues as well as opportunities to create change.

This awareness will serve to empower them to take action and truly impact the communities in which they live, from their home to their neighborhood to their city to their world.

Inc’s Family Reading Initiative helps participants navigate their community and raise their Civic IQ by:

Teaching the effective and efficient use of electronic and alternative media as well as government and community services Providing daily newspapers and an audience with local leaders Coordinating discussions with other people across racial, socioeconomic and geographical lines Empowering families to take action regarding community issues Encouraging reading and writing about local, national and international affairs Offering scholarships and mentors