Stopping the Cycle of Violence (STCOV)

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About Us

STCOV's Mission Statement:

Stopping the Cycle of Violence (STCOV) strives to heal the hearts and rebuild the lives of young people severely affected by violence. STCOV will achieve this by providing support group programs, promoting alternatives to violence, teaches crime prevention, and by placing resources, opportunities, and additional assistance back within their reach.

Vision Statement: By providing young people our services, Stopping the Cycle of Violence will ultimately change and protect our future.

Guiding Values: · STCOV strongly believes that creating a safe place where one is comfortable expressing their feelings to a group they relate to, is essential to coping, healing, and for self-awareness and personal growth. · We believe teaching crime prevention to children at the earliest age possible is crucial in stopping the violence and abuse that is passed down from generation to generation. · We strongly feel that if we reach and educate people as children, then ultimately we are changing and protecting our future. We ARE stopping the cycle of violence! · We will do whatever it takes to provide the needy with resources and opportunity, for we are, at last, giving them hope and a future filled with unlimited possibilities. · We encourage and believe in the power of change. We are here to make that happen.