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About Us

Elevating Life in the Disability Family

Mission: Our mission is to unite in Love, connect to Learn and empower to Lead...

Value Statement: We value the supremacy of Life.

Lift Disability Network is the place where the disability community comes together… an intersection where faith and society converge… where families gather… organizations team up… leaders are developed… and Life is elevated.

In November 2006 Eleos - The Care Network, Inc.launched Lift Disability Network. This program expansion and organizational restructure was designed by Eleos to Elevate Life in the Disability Family. The centerpiece of Lift is Lift Family Network. The Family Network aids the disability family with a suite of programs that include social services, mentoring, mental health & family counseling, social events, and spiritual development. Services are available to families in need without regard to creed/beliefs. The newest member to its elevating showcase is the Disability Ministry Network. Combining Lift's innovation with the legacy of CCPD (The Christian Council on Persons with Disabilities) the network is committed to connecting leaders, ministries, churches and agencies that work in the disability community for the goal of advancing and nurturing Christian disability ministry. Additionally, it is the goal of the network to establish connecting models for the disability family to follow. Finally, Lift Learning Institute utilizes new media (state of the art) and print learning environments to teach emerging concepts in disability-life dynamics. The institute purposes to connect the disability family and, thereby, impact the family break-up rate by educating and empowering the disability family, professionals, and faith leaders.

Lift Disability Network is a community where the disability family is embraced, encouraged, and empowered. An intersection where helplessness meets hopefulness… a place of healing for wounded souls… & a connection to faith for a better life.