Justice For All Organization

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About Us

JFAO works to strengthen the rule of law and expand access to justice for vulnerable populations in Afghanistan. In particular, JFAO aims to expand the provision of competent legal representation in criminal, civil, and family law cases to marginalized and underserved groups in Afghanistan, particularly the indigent, women, children, and prisoners. JFAO also works to increase awareness among women, children, and families about their legal rights. We also train and develop future women leaders within Afghanistan’s legal sectors.

1.To strengthen the rule of law by ensuring justice is upheld at all times.
2. To document the main sources of legal conflict in Afghanistan and propose legal remedies that could institutionalize public legal systems and promote the value of the law as a principal avenue for conflict resolution.
3. To provide free legal aid, legal advice and representation to those who need such services, especially the indigent people deprived of access to justice.
4. To increase public awareness of the law as, especially on women and child rights.
5. To cooperate with the justice sector and other relevant agencies in the country to promote justice and rule of law in the Afghan society