Waqe3 for Community Development

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About Us

Who We Are…

Establish in 2009, Waqe3 is a registered non-profit civil society organization in Ashrafiyeh, Amman, Jordan. The center addresses the need for community-based advocacy in the community it serves. The founders of Waqe3 are Jordanian men and women who were trained at McGill university in community organizing and movement building based on the Rights-Based Community Practice (RBCP) approach, as developed at Canada’s McGill University, and adapted to fit the local context.

The goal of Waqe3 is to create a strong civil society in the communities it serves, in which individuals - especially marginalized citizens - are empowered to obtain their rights and entitlements and advocate for themselves to effect system and policy change. Waqe3 serves through raising awareness while helping individuals develop the skills they need to access and preserve their rights. Waqe3 uses the tools of RBCP - organizing, social work and legal advocacy to create empowerment at all societal levels - the individual, institutional, and the community.

What We Do…

We raise awareness of legal rights encouraging individuals to drive the processes and decisions that affect their lives, as individuals and communities.

We help organize local residents together to solve collective problems and address common concerns, particularly those that lead to social and economic inequality.

We mobilize communities’ volunteering capacity to help residents set their own priorities and advocate for the issues that are most important to them.

We empower residents to access their rights and entitlements and to negotiate the complex bureaucratic procedures that control the flow of these rights.

We develop the advocacy and rights protection skills of individuals and groups through our Resource development and volunteer work unit.

We empower women through offering education fighting illiteracy through our reading and writing programs, and offering family support through our children and youth programs and providinga safe haven and second home for divorced families to meet.

We bring the community together in restoring human dignity throughensuring adequate housing conditions for local residents and offering structured medical programs that focus on the elderly.