Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault

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600 Williamson St., Ste. N2
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About Us

WCASA's mission is to create the social change necessary to end sexual violence.

WCASA’s mission is based on the following philosophy:

We believe it is a basic human right to live free of sexual violence. We believe that everyone has a role and a responsibility in this work. We do not do this work in isolation. We believe in the importance of collaborations and alliance building. Our work is driven by survivors’ voices. Survivors and all those affected by sexual violence deserve compassionate services, dignity, privacy, and respect. We believe that this work is based in a feminist perspective that sexual violence is rooted in oppressive power relations. We believe that sexual violence is any unwanted sexual contact (verbal and/or physical), including rape, incest, child sexual assault, ritual abuse, acquaintance rape/assault, intimate partner or marital rape, sexual harassment, exposure, and voyeurism. Sexual violence refers to acts of violence where sex is used as the weapon. We believe that diversity and safe, accessible services are fundamental to social change. We believe in the power of advocacy, education, prevention, and driving public policy as agents of social change.

WCASA supports a network of individuals, agencies and sexual assault service providers throughout WI working to end sexual violence by providing training, technical assistance, resources and support.