Oak Park Temple Bnai Abraham Zion

  • IL


1235 N Harlem Ave.
Oak Park
United States

About Us


Oak Park Temple B’nai Abraham Zion is a Reform Jewish congregation in the service of God. A Temple community is provided in which each member can join with others to pray, study, and practice Torah, Jewish religion, culture, and tradition. We respond to universal human needs, promote and support the religious, spiritual, moral, educational, and social development of our members and their families.

Our Reform Jewish commitment requires that we be of service to our community. The Temple is resolute in promoting and safeguarding the rights and well-being of all humanity. As part of that commitment, we support the State of Israel and encourage the freedom of Jews throughout the world.


Serving as a House of Worship, House of Study, and House of Assembly.

  • Enhancing the growth, commitment, and creativity of our membership by being a welcoming and nurturing community.
  • Challenging our members to honest self-reflection and commitment.
  • Providing education and information on issues of religious, political, social and economic importance.
  • Utilizing the expertise and talents of its members as well as qualified outside sources in the Jewish community to accomplish our goals.
  • Participating in networks or coalitions with other religious and secular organizations to promote religious, racial, and sexual equality and freedom as well as freedom and dignity for all peoples.