World Togolese Foundation

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About Us

The World Togolese Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and a non-political organization committed in addressing existing harsh conditions faced by the Togolese Community and the Country as a whole.

It acts as a channel in sourcing for solutions while providing wide range of studies, research and development and contributing to efforts to growth that are directly or indirectly aimed at reducing the gap in Education, and promote sources of development.

The Organization was founded by a group of concerned Togolese in the United States and has its headquarted in the State of Georgia where it is incorporated as a non profit. The Organization is led by an Board of Directors and an Executive Office that oversee four committees ( Developemt Committee, Education Committee, Health Committee, Science and technology Committee).

For more information about WTF, please send us an email or read more about our Goals and Obectives.