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About Us

Citizens for the Greater Good is a community group specializing in research on:

Crime and Justice

Campaign Finance Reform


Single Payer Health Care

We publish articles on our website that deals with incarceration, overcrowded prisons, drug alcohol detox and rehab centers. We have legislation prepared on all the issues our legislators should review before passing legislation. We have created the Stockely Resolution which would provide a statewide mental health evaluation center, a full fledged drug/alcohol detox center which was unanimously passed by Wilmington City Council, and New Castle County Council. The Stockely Resolution is heavily supported by elected officials, community groups, churches etc. We are working with DHSS to assure the Stockely Center is not turned into a community park.

The Delaware Crime Prevention and Rehabilitation Act is in alignment with our States criminal justice system to its original statement of purpose given in our Delaware Code: "To provide for the treatment, rehabilitation and restoration of offenders as useful, law-abiding citizens within our community". The Act would abolish all costly, ineffective, counterproductive mandatory minimum sentencing requirements for non-violent drug offenders, and return sentencing discretion to our state's very competent judges.

This Act will effectively both stop and reverse the insanity of our continued costly, totally lost War on Drugs which has overcrowded our prisons while increasing crime in our communities. The Act provides a wise investment in our states valuable human potential.

A copy of the complete will be mailed to you by emailing:, or calling 302 762 2725.