Future Leaders & Young Entrepreneurs (FLYE)

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About Us

FLYE is dedicated to changing how youth in urban communities perceive themselves, their potential and success. We do this by embedding year-round curriculum into athletic programs. Our programs provide hands on educational exposure to student athletes in the areas of entrepreneurship, financial literacy health and wellness, community and self-discovery.  Our focus is intended to redefine how our athletes perceive success, how they go about obtaining it on numerous paths, and strategies geared toward remaining successful. For too long, some of the most prominent images in our society have been of athletes making the wrong decisions and having the scrutiny of the entire world without just merit towards their upbringing, professional development towards their craft or levels of understanding. As majority of their focus and time is spent on taking their talents to the next level, student athletes rarely have enough time to do anything that will prepare them for their future outside of sports. This is where FLYE specifically changes the narrative. By exposing high school-aged student athletes to the numerous avenues of success that exist, we open up their field of discovery and possibility.