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About Us

PIRG Campus Action works to organize, amplify, and empower students as we tackle the issues that shape our future.

We know college students have the power to make a difference. From the Freedom Riders of the ‘60s to the voter registration drives of today ... from the anti-apartheid movement of the ‘80s to the drive for fossil fuel divestment now -- students are always pushing our communities, our country and our world forward.

With PIRG Campus Action, you work with students to organize projects that promote clean energy, public health and a stronger democracy. You’ll be a trainer, an inspirer, a full-on changemaker and a behind-the-scenes support system for student activists, giving them the resources they need to unlock their full power to build a brighter future.

We’re hiring for positions in California, Massachusetts, Oregon, New Jersey, North Carolina and a few other states.

Past Victories:

Last Year, PIRG Campus Action Organizers won major campaigns from banning single use plastic bags in the state of California to getting KFC to stop serving meat raised on unnecessary antibiotics.

Over the past few years, PIRG Campus Action organizers worked in Maine and Seattle to pass reforms that limit the influence of big money in our elections.

In Massachusetts Organizers helped pass a landmark global warming bill, making Massachusetts one of the first states in the nation with a comprehensive plan to address climate change.

Students in New Jersey helped 16 communities go on record against Citizens United, joining a nationwide movement of 17 states and nearly 700 towns and cities. And, Organizers helped convince McDonald’s and Subway, two of America’s most iconic fast food brands, to take important steps to protect public health by committing to stop serving meats raised on antibiotics!