National Student Partnerships- North Philadelphia

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About Us

About NSP National Student Partnerships (NSP) is the nation’s only year-round, student-led volunteer service organization that links people in need with the resources and opportunities necessary to become self-sufficient.

Founded by college undergraduates in 1998, NSP operates a national network of drop-in resource centers, staffed by student volunteers from area colleges and universities. Working one-on-one with low-income community members (clients), NSP volunteers provide intensive on-site and referral services which enable client to achieve their goals.

NSP’s mission is to direct the energy and innovation of young people toward ensuring that all community members have access to the services, opportunities, and attention that they need to pursue employment, self-sufficiency, and personal success.

NSP is dedicated to strengthening our communities and developing the leaders who will care for them. Understanding that the youth of this country will soon be responsible for its safekeeping, NSP seeks to unite a national movement of students dedicated to direct service now, so that the systemic challenges we inherit do not become the ones we will pass on.