Wisdom's Table at St. Peter's UCC

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816 Buchanan Ave

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About Us

Wisdom’s Table at St. Peter’s is a Christian church on the West End of Lancaster city that is actively anti-racist, LGBT-affirming and arts- and justice-oriented. The congregation proclaims and lives this Vision:


          United in love around the Table of Jesus:

                   Seeking Wisdom,

                   Sharing Stories,

                   Celebrating Diversity

                   and Embodying Justice in the World!



The following is a list of “Core Characteristics” the Professional Leadership Team has identified concerning the kind community God is calling us to foster.


•    Diverse (intergenerational, multi-cultural, multi-racial, inclusive/affirming

    of all people of every sexual orientation and gender identity)

•    Active Members who serve God in the church and the world

•    Members who are Invested in our common life together

·    Known & Knowing Community (a church that is known by the wider community around us, and that actively knows our neighbors and offers       hospitality to them)

•    Vibrant Worship with the Table of Jesus at our center

•    Worship that empowers us to Embody Justice in the World

•    Educationally Rich community that is intentional about Spiritual         Growth