Institute of problems of civil society, Moscow, Russia



About Us

The Institute of problems of civil society is an independent nonprofit organization founded in 1994. Our primary aim – assistance for developing the civil society in Russia. The Institute`s activities are going in a way of long-term programs consisting of series of the interdependent projects. As a resourse center for nonprofits we have devised new methods of trainings, aimed at professional improvement of nonprofits. Since 1995 over than 5000 of nonprofits have been recipients of our educational programs.We produce educational and other literature for the NGO. Since 1996 our Institute has brought out 45 books, brochures with the circulation of 150 thousand copies. Also we carry out target-support projects for different categories of recipients: children, elderly, invalids, and families. Mosr actual current projects:The Young Experts Council (involving young professionals into the process of forming of social, political, economical strategy of Russian government), information support project for nonprofits - website( and a newspaper,volunteers activity research,research of interaction of state and local authorities and nonprofit organizations.