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About Us

The Global Health and Education Projects, Inc. (GHEP) is a non-profit, non-partisan, charitable, educational, research, and development policy organization dedicated to eliminating health disparities, improving access to healthcare, health education / promotion, and providing educational opportunities for all populations in United States and across the world. GHEP develops, implements, and advocates dynamic solutions to disease prevention and improvement in community health by providing and/or supporting enabling individual and population-level environments for health, educational, and economic development.

GHEP's central goal is to build strong communities where individuals and families are equipped with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and access to resources that will help them to address the fundamental social determinants of health deficits and by so doing eliminate disparities in health, educational achievement, and sustainable human development for present and future generations.

GHEP programs address the needs of all human populations regardless of individual differences. However, we design our programs to address the needs of the most-vulnerable in our midst including the poor, minority, and underserved populations. Our programs cut across the life span including infants, children, youths, mothers, and all adults. Our programs target the underlying issues by addressing the problems at the individual, relationships, community, and societal/population-levels.


To become a catalyst for eliminating disparities in health, education, and sustainable human development by addressing the social determinants of health and supporting individuals and communities to attain optimum health and quality of life.


A world without disparities in health, education, and sustainable human development. where all human beings, regardless of individual differences, achieve optimum health and education.


Creating Opportunities, Transforming Lives