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About Us

Nexus, Inc. was established in 1972 as a non-profit corporation, pursuant to Chapter 180 of the General Laws of Massachusetts. The founders and governing board of Nexus is made up of professionals in special education, parents, and residents of the communities served.

Nexus opened the first group home in Middlesex County in 1972, the first group home for men in 1976, the first group home for children in 1976 and the first individual support apartments in 1977.

The mission of Nexus, Inc. is to provide residential alternatives for developmentally challenged individuals that promote the highest quality of life possible and opportunities for full integration into the mainstream of life in their home communities.

In contrast to most private agencies providing similar services and supports, Nexus has purposely remained tied to a smaller geographic area, serving a limited number of individuals and families in a more personal, stable and intimate manner. At Nexus, quality takes precedence over quantity.

Nexus currently serves 60 individuals in the towns of Arlington, Burlington, Billerica, Lexington, Woburn, and Winchester. Residential alternatives include: group homes and apartments, providing 24 hour supervision and "individual support" providing individuals with between 7 to 20 casework hours of support each week in their own homes and apartments.

Services and supports are highly customized to meet the highly individualized needs of each recipient. Individuals have moved from more intensive to less intensive services as they acquired skills and/or back in the other direction as skills diminish.

"The Burnham Center", a social/recreational program established by Nexus in 1980, sponsors dances, dinners, vacations, and vacation planning services to any individual residing within our service area. Many persons not receiving residential supports from Nexus utilize The Burnham Center to develop peer relationships, learn new skills or just have a good time.

Staff from Nexus, Inc. provides the support and special training necessary for people to acquire the skills they need to become more responsible for themselves and achieve the highest quality of life possible within their communities. People are taught how to dress, shop in local stores, earn and save their money, cook their own meals, and utilize the same leisure time and recreational resources available to anyone else in their home towns.