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About Us

Our Foundation is a former NGO since .

All our actions are free of charge for Foundations. No money from donations oriented to any of the foundations registered in our portal remains on our side: 100% goes to the institution elected by the donor, and donors can make donations to any institution without even inform us. We promote transparency, and we start by us.

Our Mision seeks to: - Help Latinamerican foundations to be more visible to donors and volunteers from all over the world, - Help donors and volunteers to get more information about foundations in order to help them decide better to what foundation support; - Help foundations to improve their administrative management

- Motivate visitors to become volunteers

In our portal they will be allowed to show their legal contact data, their programmed events, the volunteers they need, the articles they wish be donated to them, and their projects .

Why we do this? FOr two main reasons: 1. Because we believe that reaching the UN Milenium goals is a task for everyone. 2. There are plenty of small and medium foundations that do a great job, but they don´t have the resources or knowledge to promote themselves, neither know how to show their results.