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About Us

The vision of doonited is to create a world where individuals take social responsibility and integrate it into their daily life in order to make this world a better place.

Some examples of these actions (called “daily good”) are: - Give an apple to a homeless person. - Write a postcard to your grandparents. - Give up your seat in the subway. - Take 10 minutes to appreciate what you have.

daily goods can be put into action by everyone, any day, at any time and deliver an easy entry into social engagement without any monetary commitments or other barriers of participation.

doonited merges the power of two strong global trends - Social Networking and Social Responsibility – which can result in a strong positive impact. The concept allows an easy integration into the daily life and makes it simple to inspire others in any way. In this context, people can identify themselves with the vision, live and share the spirit. All prerequisites for a viral growth are given. The principle is simple: small actions x many people = big impact.

Members can collect daily goods in the form of „drops“, which will give them a certain status (social acknowledgement) as well as further benefits. Thus, through numerous media doonited becomes an inherent part of a lifestyle based on values such as respect, charity and empathy.

There are various financial models which make doonited a long-term, profitable social business. Time will soon reveal which of the possible revenue streams will ensure longevity and profitability.

The doonited founder team consists of three young social entrepreneurs who have all the attributes required to turn the doonited story into a success story. In addition, they have already established a qualified network of numerous supporters from various areas who have offered their full support and assistance.

The doonited website is currently in the development and will be launched in May 2011. A first impression can be found on the facebook fanpage ( with more than 4000 fans already.

„The future of our world is our own common design project.“ Let’s design it.

Take care. Be well. Do good.