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About Us

School the World is an international education not-for-profit committed to giving every child a meaningful opportunity to learn.Since its' founding in late 2009, School the World has grown rapidly to 75 schools across Guatemala and Honduras. As we enter our 10th year, one of our goals is to expand operations into a third country.

Our strategy, designed to make it possible for all children to complete primary school with basic reading, writing and math skills, has been recognized with early adoption from U.S. AID, General Electric, Dole/Standard Fruit, the Tudor Foundation and many other lead funders.

We begin by building three-classroom primary schools at a low price for communities living in extreme poverty. We match funds provided by the local government to build the school, train parents as at-home motivators and long-term advocates for their child's education, provide books to build a mini-library in each classroom and fund training of our school's teachers.

Sustaining our program requires integrated partnerships and teamwork. Each member of the School the World team has the opportunity to learn from and teach their colleagues while adding value to a young and rapidly growing organization.

Our headquarters in based in Boston, Massachusetts. We also maintain offices in Guatemala and Honduras. For more information, visit

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