The Family Place

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3309 16th Street, NW
United States

About Us

The Family Place (TFP) is a community-based, multicultural family resource and support agency for low-income expectant parents and families with young children (under 5 years of age). Our mission of The Family Place is to empower low income families to foster the optimal development of their young children thorugh educational and support services. These families are newly-arrived from Central America and Mexico. TFP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation established in 1980 as the District's first family support agency. Over the years, in response to client needs, TFP programs have evolved to address the issues of: linguistic and economic isolation; low literacy; school readiness; family instability; social/community isolation; access to mainstream services; physical and developmental health of children; and civic involvement. In the past year, nearly 600 families partnered with TFP in a culturally-respectful environment to become empowered and move forward in their efforts to achieve long term self-sufficiency.