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About Us

Sister Carmen Community Center is here to provide assistance without discrimination to the residents of East Boulder County who are in need.

We are East Boulder County’s only comprehensive source of basic needs and self sufficiency assistance. We serve the residents of Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, and Erie. We are a non-profit organization with no religious affiliation. Our services include assistance with food, rent, utilities, transportation, medical care and other basic needs. We work one on one with individuals and families to assist them in their efforts to reach self sufficiency.

Beyond Food Assistance, we provide a number of services that meet basic needs and encourage self sufficiency. Many of these services are only available by appointment.

Direct Financial Assistance

  • Rent/Mortgage Assistance: Direct financial assistance is available for clients who need help with rent or mortgage payments.
  • Utility Assistance: Direct financial assistance is available for clients who need help paying for gas and electric or water bills.
  • Transportation Assistance: We provide transportation assistance in the form of RTD bus tokens and gas vouchers.
  • Prescription Assistance: We provide assistance with the cost of essential prescriptions when clients have no other way to pay.Assistance with Essential Items
    Through our Thrift Store, clients can receive essential items such as clothing, household items, and furniture at no cost. Through the Crayons to Calculators collaboration, we distribute essential school supplies to students in need each fall. As a piece of Transportation Assistance, we are also able to provide refurbished bicycles to clients.

Early Childhood Development Education We distribute materials on early childhood development to our clients and spend time with each client to discuss child development and the materials provided. We also provide free Love and Logic Parenting Classes. Please Click Here for the class description and dates.

Public Benefits Assistance We provide clients with assistance in applying for various benefits such as CHP+ (Child Health Plan Plus), Medicaid/Medicare, CCAP (Child Care Assistance Payments), WIC, LEAP, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), Unemployment, and Food Stamps. Clients are able to process CHP+ and Medicaid applications through our office.

Health and Social Services We provide or host a number of free services at SCCC, such as legal counseling, Blood pressure screenings, HIV tests, nutrition classes, and career counseling. Please Click Here for descriptions of services and dates they will be provided at SCCC.

Referrals We refer clients on an as-needed basis to other agencies for further assistance.

Support Services Through Support Services, formerly called Case Management, we work one on one with individuals and families as they take steps toward self sufficiency. Each client’s service plan is different and goals often include improving a housing situation, finding employment, obtaining quality child care, managing budgets efficiently, and connecting with public benefits.

Bridges Out of Poverty Bridges Out of Poverty is an initiative of Boulder County in which SCCC enthusiastically participates. Getting Ahead and Circles are both pieces of the Bridges model:

  • Getting Ahead Workshops: We facilitate Getting Ahead workshops which allow clients to investigate their current situation, and create a plan for becoming more economically stable by building their resources and tapping into the support of their community. Getting Ahead encourages self responsibility as a solution to economic instability. This workshop is part of the Bridges Out of Poverty county-wide initiative.
  • Circles: Getting Ahead graduates have the opportunity to participate in Circles, the second phase of the Bridges Out of Poverty model. By collaborating with other agencies to help build with the Circles Campaign for Boulder County, SCCC connects low-income residents with volunteer allies from the community who can assist a resident in working toward economic stability.