Mama Cash


P.O. Box 15686
1001 ND


About Us

Mama Cash is the oldest international women's foundation and one of only two funds dedicated exclusively to advancing women's and girls' human rights globally.

In the last ten years Mama Cash has awarded nearly €19,000,000 to advance women and girls’ human rights. She is active in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Women and girls in every part of the world still experience life-threatening violence, discrimination and impoverishment, Mama Cash believes that by investing broadly in women’s empowerment, permanent solutions to problems such as trafficking and labor exploitation can be found. In addition to providing critically needed funding to advance the rights of women and girls, Mama Cash mobilises and inspires the public to care about and advocate for women's rights in the Netherlands and around the globe.