Family Farm Hostel

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About Us

We are an ecovoluntourist organization affiliated with the River Lujan Basin Small-holders Association interested in providing all visitors the perfect environment to experience nature, learn languages, exchange cultures, and learn about sustainable living through ecovoluntourism. Visitors become a part of our family, where we live together and cooperate to cultivate the land, build ecological constructions and practice sustainable lifestyles. The visitors who come can choose whether they want to be mainly volunteers or mainly tourists; you can choose how many hours you want to help out every day. Regardless of how much you contribute, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas to make this hostel a better place. We hope to make Family Farm Hostel a sustainable community, one that is constantly growing and moving towards self-sufficiency.We are a friendly, easy-going cosmopolitan family living on a charming small-holding hostel. We have been receiving visitors on small holdings for four years now. Sol, the mother of the house, is from Columbia and can cook the best South American and Indian food. Mark, the father, is from England and is an agroforestry expert and teacher in multiple subjects. Ian, a family friend, is an artist and earth builder. Our kids, Sebastian, Sean, Andrea and Manuel, are 12, 13, 15, and 17 years old. Our pets include four dogs and two oxen who can draw an antique carriage and plough the land.

If you come as an ecovoluntourist, you can help out in the gardens, with the ecological constructions or around the house. The needs change with the seasons and the projects being undertaken. We also hope to help out in the community, especially in earth buildings for people with low resources.

We offer you a comfortable place to sleep, delicious home-made food, and many days of games and music around the fire with our family and the rest of the local community. We have much used soccer pitch and a swimming pool which can be heaven during the summer months.