Setu Developmental Intervention Centre (Setu)

About Us

Setu Developmental Intervention Centre (Setu) was established on May 29, 2000 as a Public Charitable Trust in Ahmedabad, India. Setu started working in the city of Ahmedabad to provide developmental intervention services to young children with disabilities between the age group of 0-5 years. As a pioneer organization in Gujarat, Setu sought to work with children and their mothers as active partners in the develop process to reduce the long term impact of disability and to prevent occurrence of secondary disabilities. Instead of focusing only on special needs education, Setu adopted a child development perspective and developed an intervention module based on sound principles of both, child development and learning where children were provided all services needed for their development under one roof. In order to achieve its objective, Setu worked with qualified team members and adopted Montessori methods to encourage engagement of the child in the tasks.

Organization vision: “To make the concept of special schools for children obsolete”

Organization mission: “To work towards bringing about positive changes in lives of children with disabilities by providing innovative, high quality services which fill existing gaps in the field of disability development”

In order to actualize its mission, Setu currently works via its Early Intervention centre in the city of Ahmedabad.