Casa de Luz

  • NV


2412 Tam Drive
Las Vegas

United States

About Us



MISSION- The mission of Casa de Luz is to match people with the resources they need to transform their lives.


VISION- The vision of Casa de Luz is a community where each and every life has been transformed- physically, emotionally and spiritually- resulting in a happier, healthier, more productive neighborhood.  Looking even beyond our neighborhood, our vision is to develop a replicable model for breaking cycles of poverty, abuse, crime and entitlement by providing viable, sustainable alternatives.


THEORY OF CHANGE– At Casa de Luz, we believe that true community transformation comes from: ADDRESSING BASIC NEEDS, CATERING TO EMOTIONAL NEEDS, and FACILITATING SPIRITUAL NEEDS. Casa de Luz has a place-based 6-step approach to helping people to transform their lives, which in turn helps to transform the community overall:


1.     People Come as They Are, usually in crisis

2.     Casa conducts a Needs Assessment (food, employment, recovery, intervention, self esteem, life skills, enrichment)

3.     Casa provides Services or Connection to existing resources

4.     Ongoing Care is administered through check-ins, counseling, celebrating successes, etc.

5.     Regular, Ongoing Needs Assessments are conducted for next appropriate steps

6.     Engagement of healthy people to volunteer and give back to their neighborhood