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About Us

The BECA Foundation is a not-for-profit global, artist-centric, visual arts organization with a home base in New Orleans, LA with a branch office in Denver, CO. BECA is an acronym for Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art. Our organization serves as a bridge by which new ideas and new art + design flow freely between New Orleans and the larger national and international contemporary art + design communities. It supports innovation, exploration and the advancement of new ideas in contemporary visual art + design. The core program focus is on developing public exhibition opportunities for emerging and under-recognized visual artists + designers for the benefit of artists, designers and the general public. Those opportunities are also extended to established visual artists + designers who are forging new pathways by exploring new mediums, ideas and processes not previously associated with their work.

By presenting new artistic visions from around the world within the public realm via both physical and online venues, we expose a very large and diverse range of participants to emerging contemporary art and culture. Our exhibitions engage and educate both new and established audiences while encouraging ongoing dialogue.

Beyond our core program focus of developing public exhibition opportunities for emerging artists and designers,we will address broader issues within the current art world system and its institutions. Many of the issues we will address are creating problems and roadblocks for emerging artists and designers. In turn those problems and roadblocks ultimately limit what the world can gain from the advancement of new art, new design and new ideas and those benefits which could be derived. Many of those issues also thereby limit the public's opportunity to participate in the discussion, creation, collaboration, observation and experience of art and design in the broadest sense.