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About Us

MEK-USA was incorporated in Pennsylvania in 2012 by a group of civic-minded Egyptians and Egyptian-Americans interested in catalyzing sustainable human development efforts in Egypt and empowering the lives of Egyptians in need. MEK-USA is a recognized 501c3 public charity, effective as of August 2, 2012.

Societies today are in dire need of developmental efforts in core fields such as education, health, and scientific research and innovation (SRI). Under the current state of affairs, governments have been unable to cater to the basic needs of all sectors of society, and it is up to civil society to step in and work towards contributing towards the improvement of livelihood.

MEK-USA has been set up to forge potential partnerships and develop on the ground initiatives that improve the quality of life for Egyptians. It works closely with its affiliate partner, Misr El Kheir Foundation in Egypt, to combine local expertise with the international technical knowhow to deliver initiatives with a wider and more sustainable impact.

MEK-USA works with partners to transfer intellectual and financial capital to support initiatives in the areas of:

  • The advancement of education
  • The relief of illnesses and preservation of health
  • The prevention or elevation of poverty
  • The promotion of arts, heritage and culture

MEK-USA aims to:

  • Transfer knowledge of American and Egyptian professionals to support learning and the sharing of best practices to ensure the impactful implementation and scaling of quality programs.
  • Mobilize funds and resources to maximize reach and impact, as well as long-term sustainability of development efforts.
  • Act as a hub for new initiatives that promote innovation and encourage collaboration with local groups.

Our long-term focus areas include quality and access to basic education; technical and vocational education; preventive and curative medicine; and Science, Technology and Innovation. We are currently supporting several development initiatives in Egypt with our implementing partner, Misr El Kheir Foundation. Each initiative has been creatively designed and specifically targeted to tackle a recurring human development dilemma in a cost-effective and sustainable manner, with the support of local civil society.