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About Us

Courage Campaign fights for a more progressive California and country. Powered by 1.4 million members, our dynamic and passionate team is helping shape the digital advocacy revolution. We organize in California -- the largest and most diverse state -- to create models and build power for national change.

California should be the progressive trailblazer for the country -- on climate change, gun safety, racial justice, health care, human rights, and so much more.

With Donald Trump in the White House, the next four years demand courage from those of us who believe in justice and equality. Courage Campaign launched the Courageous Resistance to focus our work on three priorities:

  1. Support our communities in whatever peaceful ways we can. Women, immigrants, people of color, and our Muslim and LGBTQ brothers and sisters are most vulnerable.
  2. Demand courageous leadership. In order to minimize the damage, elected representatives that oppose Trump must be bold, fearlessly fighting every attempt to reverse progress, desecrate our institutions, and incite hate.
  3. Prove that the California model of progressive governance works. We must demonstrate that progressive, diverse, people-powered governance is not only possible, but that it can thrive and create broad-based prosperity. California is the most diverse state in the nation and the world’s fifth largest economy. We have made tremendous gains, but California must accelerate progress even further and model it for the world.

We mobilize Californians in their communities, online, and in Sacramento to fight for progressive change and demand that elected leaders work for their constituents and not for corporations and wealthy interests.


Our People’s Report Card of California is the only progressive scorecard in the history of California politics that tracks legislators’ voting records across issues. The Hall of Shame calls out Democrats and Republicans who betray the people and vote instead with corporations and wealthy interest groups.


In 2016, we helped found the Kairos Diversity Fellowship with MoveOn,, Dream Defenders, Planned Parenthood, and other leading national organizations, to recruit and train organizers of color in cutting-edge digital campaigning. Courage Campaign is committed to identifying and supporting progressive leaders of color and building our team to reflect the diversity of California.