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About Us

Peace Journalism

The International is an online newspaper that enforces high journalistic standards to foster conflict resolution. We:

Objectively analyse the root causes of conflict and its suggested solutions. Report on the interests of all parties in a dispute without demonising or patronising anyone. Help readers to develop a better understanding of cultural differences and various perspectives on issues. Report on potential conflicts before they occur in order to stimulate preventive action. Help readers to respond to events with ample knowledge and critical thinking. We are also committed to the principles of accuracy, fairness, and integrity in all reporting.

Crucial Issues

In our choice of what to report, we give great attention to the issues that are the most crucial to the world:

Eradicating poverty. Ensuring sustainability. Preventing illness. Understanding difference. Reducing inequality. Not-for-profit

The International is a not-for-profit newspaper. All revenues are reinvested into the company, shares do not carry dividends, and remuneration of directors is set to a cap.

We are not driven to maximise profits for shareholders or directors; we are driven to further our mandate.