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About Us

The Organización de Desarrollo Integral para la Paz (ODIPAZ), is an institution from Guatemala that born with the goal to promote the integral development of the tows affected by the poverty in the national territory trying to value and promove the Human, Cultural and Social patrimony trough programs, projects and actions to give a more fitting for all Guatemalans.

ODIPAZ is a non governmental institution (ONG) without a politic prefer, non lucrative whose focus is to sustainable development of the rural communities trough people and entities help.

We based our philosophy on the personal experience of all the beneficiaries and members of the institution, promoting and living constantly the equality and integral development of all our towns.

The fundamental contributions to build a better future in the communities are work, united compromise (communities and institution ODIPAZ), perseverance to reach the goals and the wish of the personal and social benefit.