The Fibroids Project

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About Us

What is our mission? To make life better for women with fibroids.

How will we accomplish our mission? The first step to accomplish our mission is to be a one stop shop for women diagnosed with uterine fibroids. As a woman diagnosed with fibroids, I was constantly doing research for causes and cures for fibroids. I interacted with many medical professionals, holistic professionals, websites, blogs, books, and informational seminars while in my search. The way that I came into contact with these various resources was mostly through word of mouth from other women that were diagnosed with fibroids. A lot of the information was invaluable and I would not have been privy to this information without being vulnerable by telling women my story and then hearing from them that they had a similar story or they knew someone who did. These women shared information about seminars and websites and their personal stories. After gaining all of this knowledge and hearing so many extraordinary women's stories, I wanted to provide a place where women could share their insight, get answers from doctors, learn about new procedures, and overall be a support system for one another...and do it all without leaving their living room. Having fibroids can be a physical and emotional roller coaster. Women diagnosed with fibroids, you are not alone.