Winnetka Youth Organization

  • IL


620 Lincoln Ave
United States

About Us

The mission of the Winnetka Youth Organization (the YO) is to foster individual development in junior high and high school youth in the North Shore by providing adult-to-youth mentoring, prevention services, and opportunities for leadership, citizenship, and, education within a safe, informal environment. 

Our Organization Objectives:

Provide a positive, safe environment where young people can be recognized as individuals.

Engage youth in programs designed to develop leadership skills, enhance positive social skills and self-esteem, and advance constructive behavior patterns.

Sponsor activities that promote cultural competency and understanding of others.

Assist in meeting youth needs for friendship, status, safety, and adult mentoring.

Offer programs and services that are positive alternatives to adolescent high risk behaviors.

Facilitate cooperation and communication between the teen population and the community at large.

Enlist the support of community members, agencies, and institutions to share financial and physical resources to strengthen service youth.