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About Us

The World Trade Center Institute is a non-profit organization and one of more than 300 World Trade Centers that are a part of the World Trade Center Association. More than 2,500 Maryland firms benefit from WTCI’s international business programs, extensive global network and global Intel. Our services include exclusive international events, business network connections, global intelligence briefs, international visitor management, international travelers’ packages and more! WTCI is the host of a series of events that showcase and celebrate the benefits of world trade and global partnerships with companies and governments throughout the region.  WTCI’s Professional Exchanges Program (PEP) department designs and implements exchange programs for foreign professionals from all around the world in a diverse subject areas including foreign policy and government, economics and business development, education, environmental issues, minority programs, HIV/AIDS, journalism and many others. In addition, WTCI serves as the World Bank Group’s Private Sector Liaison Officer (PSLO) for the region, enabling local firms to access opportunities in developing counties.