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About Us

Hope Ofiriha is a charity working in Magwi County Sudan. Our charity is involved in education, healthcare, and environmental projects. Ofiriha seeks to Recognise women' s potential, and promote education & healthcare locally in Magwi County.

History and Mission: Hope Ofiriha was founded by 12 widows on July 27th, 1999. The charity is registered with Magwi County local government - Department of community services.

Initially the charity assisted widows only, to identify and implement solutions to a variety of problems confronting them in the rural areas during the war. Local training and other projects promoting the conditions of widows were initiated. Since its inception, Mr William Logai Ochieng and Ms Linda Acen Abili restarted Hope ofiriha in 2006. They broadened its original purpose and began to encompass projects beyond those narrowly aimed at widow’s training. The charity subsequently embarked to promote the issues affecting women, girls, and children as a whole in Lofiriha community of Magwi County.

Hope ofiriha is different to most charities working in Sudan. With others, so much money is spent on administration, monitoring, report writing, inefficient systems, etc., and very little money actually finds its way to the people who the donors wished to help. Hope ofiriha is based at Omiling and has a minimal local overhead. The charity deals directly with the local communities, and it is made clear that Hope ofiriha helps people who help themselves. The charity often acts as a catalyst to make things happen.

Hope ofiriha has 425 local members who generously support the charity with their donations.

Hope ofiriha is involved with education, and healthcare locally in Lofiriha community. It is also actively involved in an environmental tree planting and reforestation project in Onura which covers an area of 4,000 Sq.km. Hope Ofiriha's Goals Are: To improve the standard of education and healthcare To preserve, sustain, and develope the environment To create opportunities for the local women around Lofiriha on the northern part of Magwi County and in other districts To Provide financial assistance for educational purposes, in order to benefit children who would otherwise be unable to achieve a primary and secondary education. To Serve as a functional advocate in an effort to encourage the government of southern Sudan to fully fund educational and healthcare activities in the marginalized Lofiriha community. To Form lasting and meaningful liaisons with other educational and international non governmental (NGO’s).

Our Vision: Hope Ofiriha is committed to the principal that education and healthcare is a fundamental human right. Access to primary and secondary education as well as healthcare should be indiscrimate of sex or age. Our vision is to empower women and children by providing access to education and healthcare by eliminating traditional barriers. These barriers prohibit education for women, girls, and children in Lofiriha community Magwi County.