Education for All Society.

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12th street Eastleigh

About Us

 Education for all society’s main objective is to help vulnerable youth and women of the society to get quality Education. Vulnerable in our definition includes but not limited to the individuals living with disability, the girl child and the children from poor backgrounds.

The society will achieve this by empowering children through education to transform their lives by helping them progress their education and training for income generating activities. Education for All Society has taken a comprehensive approach towards this goal using the following interrelated programs: education and talent development, economic empowerment and community development.

Education for All Society (E.F.A.S) will focus on providing education and employment for youth and women from extremely low income groups. It is expected that through this, the positive effect on the well being of these groups in the community will be enhanced. The society will also establish a community-based youth and women Centre to facilitate this.


E.F.A.S will operate with two full time staff members. In addition, a Governing board made up of community leaders and staff from Education for All Society (E.F.A.S) will operate to provide overall sanctioning of the society’s operations. Periodic evaluations will be conducted to assess the value of the society. The society seeks the assistance of sponsors for monetary support and to offer international and local links for education and employment.