Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre

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House 355, Ban Khamyong


About Us

The Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre celebrates the traditional arts and lifestyles of the country’s many and diverse ethnic groups.  Our doors opened in July 2007 with exhibitions on the ethnic cultures of Laos, and a museum shop promoting handicrafts from village artisans.

The Centre has expanded to include a growing collection of ethnic minority artefacts, a small library, and the TAEC Cafe space for special events. In July 2014, TAEC opened the TAEC Boutique, a stand-alone shop featuring the finest hand-crafted items from ethnic minority artisans in Laos. We also have an online store. 

In its first five years, TAEC welcomed over 55,000 Lao and international visitors, and has rapidly emerged as a regional leader in cultural heritage management and community development. Our handicrafts programme has become a key part of our work, and currently we work with over 600 artisans in 30 villages from the far north and very south of Laos.  

Today, the Centre is engaged in a broad range of museum and community engagement activities, reflecting its commitment to supporting living ethnic minority communities to preserve and promote their cultural heritage while looking towards the future. Our work includes:

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