Reagan-Udall Foundation for the FDA

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About Us

Congress created the Reagan-Udall Foundation to support the mission of the FDA by identifying, funding, and supporting projects and programs that will help equip FDA staff with the highest caliber, industry-standard science and technology, to enhance the safety and effectiveness of FDA regulated products.

The sciences needed by FDA to accomplish its public health mission are unique. Many major advances in basic biomedical research have not translated into safer and more effective medical products, or safer foods and cosmetics. A different interdisciplinary approach that contains powerful and innovative scientific and technical methods is urgently needed to improve product development and testing, and to measure product safety and performance more effectively.

The Foundation is intended to serve as a convener and catalyst, to conduct the scientific work best accomplished by partnerships, including public-private partnerships, along with the expertise and resources from a broad range of organizations and perspectives with the goal of supporting and promoting innovation, particularly in the science of safety.