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About Us

For more than 25 years, Joint Commission Resources (JCR) has been dedicated to helping hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, laboratories, home care agencies and other health care organizations prosper by improving the quality of care and patient safety.

Our passion for patient safety translates to helping deliver practical strategies and real results.

Through our variety of resources—publications, software, educational conferences and webinars, and consulting services—JCR is the single, expert resource you can count on when it comes to building and sustaining improvements.

We help organizations focus on patient safety through solutions addressing their most pressing challenges such as infection prevention and control, medication safety, and the environment in which care is delivered.

No other organization can offer you easy access to such concentrated expertise.

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Through our international division, Joint Commission International (JCI), we work with health care organizations, ministries of health, and governmental bodies around the world to assist in improving the quality and safety of patient care and achieve peak performance.