Preserve Rural Orange

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About Us

The mission of Preserve Rural Orangeis to preserve, strengthen and defend the viability of the rural community of watershed land, farms and woodlands in Orange County, North Carolina.

Growing out of a grassroots community response to potential plans for a university airport on rural land in 2008, volunteer organizers established Preserve Rural Orange (PRO) as a nonprofit in 2009. PRO conducts thorough research, tracking changing issues, identifying environmental and economic impacts of proposed development projects, raising public awareness and urging sustainable, cost-effective alternatives to plans that would affect watershed land, woodlands and farms in Orange County, North Carolina.

Run entirely by volunteers on a modest budget, PRO has brought together hundreds of citizens to lead highly effective public campaigns. As a result, the organization has rapidly become a valued resource for citizens, businesses, nonprofits and government leaders, posting news updates with vital information to over 500 subscribers and thousands of website visitors. PRO’s leadership is frequently consulted by community activists seeking strategies for organizing.

PRO has been influential in engaging thousands of citizens, offering proactive, timely information on upcoming decisions and plans. The group’s strength has been in promoting constructive dialogue and offering meaningful input into issues affecting the rural environment and public health.