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About Us

We, the N.A. Sher Foundation, wish to see a society in which humans achieve the best level of health care and education by exercising their basic human rights, such as freedom of choice, speech, religion, and the right to due process in a community.

Our mission is to promote health, education, humanities and peace in South Asia and beyond.

The Nasreen and Alam Sher Foundation (NASF) is a non-governmental, non-religious, non-political and not for profit organization. It was formed in the USA in February 2007 by Dr. Alam Sher and Mrs. Nasreen A. Sher, who realized that people are more focused on areas of wealth and economic growth than giving significance to human care and development.

An example of the efforts we have taken so far:

•Established the 3rd Drug Information Center in Pakistan in Islamia University at Bahawalpur

•Provided free cataract surgeries for over 250 villagers throughout Pakistan

•Held over 5 medical camps, in which over 600 patients were given FREE treatments for various medical conditions

• Provided 25 disaster tens for shelter, 100 mosquito nets to help prevent disease, and 4000 disposable syringes, 2000 disposable gloves along with gauze, surgical tape and other materials to help our medical team give treatments during our medical camps for Pakistan flood victims.

•Established the Sher’s Den Library at Mozang High School.

•Donated a merry-go-round at Fatima Jinnah Girl’s School in Lahore.

•Gifted scholarships for 3 college students in Pakistan and 1 street child in India

•Conducted a mass wedding where 25 couples from socio-economic disadvantaged backgrounds