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About Us

The Baron Jay Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) federally tax exempt nonprofit organization that was legally incorporated in 2004. We are committed to promoting health awareness, relationship guidance, employment preparedness, and financial literacy in economically distressed and underserved communities. We host workshops and programs for at-risk youth that prepare them to become responsible, civic-minded, respectful, and productive citizens. We also sponsor free training programs in computer skills training and English literacy to local communities in underdeveloped regions of the world such as West Central Africa. One of our main goals is to increase digital literacy through computer skill development in poverty stricken communities in both the United States and the developing world. All of our workshops are designed to give our beneficiaries practical life-skills that promote self-esteem, empathy, stress reduction, anger management, academic improvement, and civic leadership.


Our vision is to become a leader in helping low-income people “at risk” for poverty, despair, and violence overcome these challenges so that they not only uplift themselves, but also lend a helping hand to others.


The Baron Jay Family Foundation is a global nonprofit organization committed to improving the quality of life of people in living in underserved communities worldwide. Our mission is to motivate and empower economically disadvantaged individuals — especially youth — to become productive and contributing members of society by providing:

• Life skills education in healthy habits and harmonious relationships.

• Culturally enriching experiences that promote self-esteem, good citizenship, leadership qualities, and empathy for others.

• Extracurricular workshops in job preparedness, computer training, and financial literacy to help reduce the achievement gap and the global digital divide.