Colegio Colonial Bilingue - Antigua Guatemala

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About Us

Colegio Colonial Bilingüe is located in Antigua, Guatemala. The school has been operating for 30 years. The school is conducted half in English and half in Spanish for all grades, from toddlers to high school. Each grade is divided into two sections and they spend half their day with the English instructor and the other half with the Spanish instructor. The English teachers in primary teach language, math and science. For the middle school teacher, you will teach Language Arts and Social Studies. Curriculum is set by the teacher, accordance with guidelines from the Ministry of Education; the only standardized curriculum is that which you agree to with your Spanish counterpart. This system has its advantages and disadvantages: the teacher is expected to, and encouraged, to move with the needs of the students. CCB inspires children to achieve their full potential and prepare for a lifetime of learning. The class sizes range from 7 students to 14 per class, which facilitates a close teacher-student bond. The director does not speak English but the administrative coordinator does. Teachers do NOT need to speak Spanish, but it is preferable. We aim to create a safe, supportive and caring learning environment- nurturing the whole child in mind, body and spirit.