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The National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) is the only national non-profit organization whose membership includes the governor-designated energy officials from each state and territory. NASEO was formed by the states and through an agreement with the National Governors Association in 1986. The organization was created to improve the effectiveness and quality of state energy programs and policies, provide policy input and analysis, share successes among the states, and to be a repository of information on issues of particular concern to the states and their citizens. NASEO is an instrumentality of the states and derives basic funding from the states and the federal government.

Members are senior officials from the State and Territory Energy Offices, as well as affiliates from the private and public sectors. Member state agencies work on an extremely wide range of energy programs and policies, including:

Energy efficiency in homes, commercial/public buildings, industry and agriculture; Renewable energy, such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass; Residential, commercial and institutional energy building codes; Transportation and heating fuel supplies, pricing and distribution; Oil, natural gas, electricity and other forms of energy production and distribution; Energy-environment integration (such as using conservation to reduce air emissions); New and emerging high efficiency transportation fuels and technologies; and Energy security and emergency preparedness, and many other energy matters.

States manage and invest more than $3 billion of their own funds derived from appropriations and system benefit charges each year.