Empax Inc.

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78 Fifth Avenue
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New York
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About Us

We help problem-solving people and organizations operate and communicate more effectively. Effective brand identities, marketing materials, websites and effective use of 21st century media are must-haves in the business world. If the commercial world has access to such potent tools, the imperative is that much stronger for not-for-profit organizations. Change, after all, is very serious business.

At Empax we believe in teaching our clients to be technologically self-sustaining. We create media, sites and other tools that our clients can operate and expand on their own, thereby offering the most cost-effective solutions available. Long after our client work has ended, these tools will continue to empower our clients’ communications as their organizations grow and evolve.

We’re also a not-for-profit so our entire staff is dedicated to our clients’ missions. So at Empax, we’re your communication