Phoenix School of Roseburg, Oregon

  • Roseburg



3131 NE Diamond Lake Blvd
United States

About Us

Phoenix School of Roseburg is an award-winning alternative school serving youth in grades 7 through 12 who wish to complete their high school education but are unable to succeed in traditional public schools. Founded in 1981, the school now serves nearly 200 students each term and over 400 students through the course of the year. The Phoenix School mission is to teach at-risk youth to demonstrate the knowledge, understanding, and skills required of caring, committed, and productive citizens. Approximately 10% of our students are homeless; 12% are teen parents; 45% struggle with substance abuse/dependency; 100% qualify for the federal free meals program. All of our students struggle with some degree of social instability, dysfunctional family life and/or various learning challenges. At Phoenix, we work to create a school that recognizes the whole student and allows each individual to achieve, not only academically but also physically, socially, and emotionally.