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About Us

The Regional Primary Care Coalition (RPCC) is a learning network of 10 core partners designed to catalyze collaboration across the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our goals are to improve access and quality of health services while addressing the underlying determinants of health, with a particular emphasis on the region’s low-income populations. The RPCC is a unique collaboration of primary care safety net provider coalitions and regional health philanthropies. To learn more please visit:

After being led by a part-time director for approximately 10 years, RPCC is looking for a dynamic leader, strategic thinker, and strong manager to serve as its first full-time Executive Director. RPCC’s intention is to grow the depth and breadth of its impact in the National Capitol Area. The new leader will work with the Partners to bring the network to the next level of development and impact in the region.

Overview of RPCC: Founded in 2000, RPCC is composed of 10 core partners representing the safety net primary care clinics in the District of Columbia, Montgomery and Prince George’s County in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and health philanthropy. It is an experienced learning organization and active collaborator which provides (1) a regional perspective on population health and organization a delivery of safety net services; (2) information on selected emerging issues and promising practices that partners, their constituencies and policy makers use in their work, and (3) information on the importance and role of the safety net in improving individual and population health. It works to encourage innovation; foster wellness and prevention; and strengthen coordinated, community-based systems of person-centered health and related services across the region. It advances its work by:

(1) Bringing together our partners and other stakeholders to

  • Learn about key trends and issues which are influencing the health of the region’s population,
  • Share knowledge about promising local, state, regional and national approaches to improving population health and health care,
  • Explore and test out new ideas, and
  • Work to leverage lessons learned in one jurisdiction for the benefit of the entire region.

(2) Undertaking in-depth knowledge building and program work for one to three annual priorities

(3) Holding an annual Regional Forum; and

(4) Providing easy on-line access to

  • Regional health data,
  • Information about regional health issues, the important role of health care safety net, providers, emerging issues and promising practices related to RPCC priority areas, and
  • Pertinent resources.

Current priority program areas are patient/consumer engagement, and health reform and changing health systems.

RPCC is located at the Consumer Health Foundation (CHF) in Washington, D.C. CHF serves as our program office. RPCC is funded through grants and in-kind support from health philanthropies in the region. Our work is carried out by the part-time director, a small group of consultants including a part-time administrative assistant shared with CHF. Partner organizations’ staff members participate in RPCC programs and committees. RPCC currently operates on a small budget, but is poised for growth as we move toward our next stage of development. We have had a stable source of local funders but need to grow and diversify funding. RPCC is governed by a subset of its core partners known as the Management Team. This team is currently composed three funders, and three non-funders. The Director reports to the Management Team.