Environmental Initiative-M.A. in Environmental Policy

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About Us

The Environmental Policy (EP) graduate program (http://www.lehigh.edu/epd), part of Lehigh University’s Environmental Initiative, offers students the opportunity to explore these important issues and others related to environmental justice, environmental health, environmental law, sustainable development, and city planning, through interdisciplinary coursework, independent research, and community outreach and internships. Our graduates leave the program familiar with the challenges, policies, and (current and potential) tools necessary to shape both the natural and built environment as the 21st century continues to unfold.

Being part of Lehigh's Environmental Initiative (EI) makes it easy for EP students to collaborate with faculty, staff, and students from each of Lehigh’s colleges, including the departments of Earth & Environmental Sciences (EES), Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE), Political Science, and related interdisciplinary programs such as Health, Medicine and Society (HMS).


Financial aid is available, and Lehigh's Community Fellows Program (https://community_fellows.cas2.lehigh.edu/) is another way to offset program costs while gaining valuable work experience before graduation.

Requirements:  Applicants must have an undergraduate degree (BA or BS), but no specific major is required or preferred. Successful graduates have entered our program with degrees in the Social Sciences (Political Science, Environmental Studies, Economics, History, etc.), Natural Sciences (Biology/Ecology, Environmental Science, etc.), and Engineering (primarily Environmental Engineering). The general GRE exam is required as is the TOEFL exam (for foreign applicants). We also require at least 2 letters of recommendation and a personal statement.

Deadlines: The deadline for the fall semester is July 15th (although the deadline for financial aid is March 1st). Those interested in spring admission must submit applications by December 1st.