The Lord's Acre

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26 Joe Jenkins Road
North Carolina
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About Us

Nonprofit Garden / Mini Farm Seeks 2 Full Season Interns early April – October 2018 near Asheville, NC. We are looking for highly motivated & committed interns to assist in growing our nonprofit garden / mini-farm project. Our goal is to address hunger by seeking ways of building community around gardening and food. We grow and give away an average of 10 tons produce yearly in addition to hosting volunteer groups, providing education, manning two free markets and building community. We are serious and hard-working, passionate about doing and improving our work, yet flexible and fun-loving and are looking for the same in our interns. In exchange for approximately 33 hours of weekly work growing and distributing food and working with volunteers we offer a private bunkhouse, a $400 / month stipend, organic produce, a quality education, field trips, and immersion in a wonderful small community near Asheville. We have six acres of land with one acre under production. 


The Lord's Acre grows food for donation, with beauty, intentionality and hope. We’re a safe place with a bold calling. Safe because we encourage folks to join us in contributing from their unique skills and passions and because we value people over production but this work also calls us to be bold. It takes courage to get to know where and why your neighbor struggles to eat well, to learn that 1 in 4 children faces food insecurity and to begin thinking of ways we can each be part of the solution.


We believe there are many types of hunger, that everyone is hungry for something and that everyone has something to give. We also believe that simply growing food and giving it away won’t eliminate hunger. Our true goal, then, lies in working towards communities that are once again places where everyone is welcome and valued. Where folks come to be inspired, share their skills, relearn the lost art of food literacy, meet, work alongside each other, share food and get to know their neighbor. 

OUR REFERENCES: We're happy to give you contact info for 9 years of awesome past interns so you can ask what the experience was like through their eyes.

OUR EDUCATIONAL COMPONENT: Both hands on and the use of our new intern education manual that will be out this spring covering 16 topics related to growing food organically, food access issues, social issues in American agriculture and community building. You'll be studying under our garden manager who was the garden manager and garden researcher / writer for The Mother Earth News magazine from 1984 - 1990. Interns read, watch and research for about 1.5 hours each week during the summer then we come together to ask questions and discuss what we've learned. Check out our intern video on the first page of our website:

HOW TO APPLY: Contact Susan at