Living Forward Alliance

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About Us

Living Forward Alliance is a mentoring program for women with criminal justice histories that can change their lives and add significance to the world. The Living Forward Alliance brings women together, women from all walks of life around our community who volunteer to work with women before and after they are released from the facility where they were designated to serve time. This program is not mandatory, participants must choose to participate freely. Once they do they become part of a comprehensive program that restores them to the whole and empowered person they were meant to be. This program puts mentor with mentee so each participant knows they will have someone to reach out to once they are release and required to fulfill the requirements of probation. This program is a one year program, that for the moment only exists at a facility in Harris County, Texas. During this year, the participants take part in a proven and structured curriculum of transformation, with regular classes, one-on-one sessions with facilitators, support from their mentors, and much more. Living Forward Alliance is designed to empower those that otherwise would never have the opportunity to do so. For further information go Based on results, it is the desire of Living Forward Alliance that this program will branch out across the country.