Caron Treatment Centers

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243 North Galen Hall Road
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About Us

Caron Treatment Centers:

Caron's work is all about healing. We aim to transform lives impacted by addiction and substance use through proven, comprehensive and personalized behavioral healthcare solutions. We are dedicated to delivering evidence-based, gender-specific behavioral health and addiction programming, all while treating patients and families with the respect they deserve. United by compassion for every person who comes to us for help, we advocate for patients and families through personalized treatment and financial accessibility. Above all, we strive to ease the pain of addiction by restoring health, hope, spirituality and relationships, ultimately preparing individuals and families for lifelong recovery.


Student Assistance Program:

Caron’s Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a leader in alcohol, tobacco and drug education and prevention services. By partnering with schools, families, communities, and other organizations, SAP provides customized services and programming to nearly 100,000 students, teachers, and parents each year. 

Caron’s SAP offers a variety of programs and services to schools, communities, child-serving organizations, parents, faculty, and professionals, including:

• Education and prevention programming designed to equip students, parents, and community members with the skills and information they need to pursue and encourage healthy living

• Behavioral health assessment, drug and alcohol intervention, and support services for children and teens

• Training that prepares school staff, agency personnel, and community members to implement addiction prevention and healthy living programming and services

At Caron SAP, we customize all programming and services to meet each population’s unique needs. Not only that, our dedicated staff maintain close connections with clients throughout service delivery, evaluation, and follow-up by providing ongoing technical assistance, consultation, and general support.