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About Us

Caron Treatment Centers is a leading, non-profit provider of addiction treatment services in the fight against chemical dependency. Caron provides a comprehensive continuum of treatment services that focus on the medical, psychological/psychiatric, clinical, physical and spiritual aspects of one's recovery; all while being based on the 12-Step philosophy.

Caron offers gender-separate, gender-specific treatment programs with a full spectrum of services including: assessments, primary, relapse and extended residential treatment programs for adolescents, young adults and adults, as well as programs for families affected by the disease of addiction. With nearly 70% of patients entering treatment already suffering from psychiatric/psychological disorders in addition to their chemical dependency, Caron has extensive experience in treating co-occurring disorders within the patient community. Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab is available in Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Bermuda, with additional regional offices located in New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C and Boston. Caron Treatment Centers offer addiction treatment to help individuals overcome their substance abuse and begin the recovery process.

Breakthrough at Caron is a 5 ½ -day program specifically designed for individuals impacted by family or relationship dysfunction in childhood or adult life. Experiential, active methods and techniques such as Psychodrama, role play and family sculpture are important program components. Each person leaves with specific direction for follow-up care and a referral to a therapist, if they do not have this established as yet.

The program is designed by Ann Smith, nationally known Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Pennsylvania. Breakthrough therapists have a variety of credentials, among them Masters Level Therapists, Certified Experiential Counselors, Certified Addictions Counselors, Certified Psychodramatists, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Licensed Professional Counselors. All have been trained in experiential therapy and have addressed personal issues through their own treatment.

Caron's Student Assistance Program (SAP) has been providing outreach to schools in the New England and Mid-Atlantic states since 1990. More than 90,000 students, teachers, and parents benefit from some aspect of student assistance programming each year.

Caron also utilizes best practices and the nine components of effective student assistance programs as identified by the National Student Assistance Association. Caron is credentialed as a Commonwealth Approved Trainer for student assistance in Pennsylvania by the Department of Education. The Pennsylvania model is the overall model for Caron's SAP services nationwide. Although Caron bases its Student Assistance Programs on this model, the overall focus is on a customized-based approach for each state.